GOLD Alumni Giving

One gift. Any size. Every year.

Recent graduates, wouldn’t it be great if you could make a difference at Davis & Elkins College, just as many alumni did for you while you were a student?

The D&E Fund is a great opportunity to turn your success into student opportunities. Simply put, The D&E Fund is the lifeblood of the College. Giving to The D&E Fund is the most direct way you can help current students, because we can put that money to use right now where it's needed most.

A gift of any amount matters to current students and truly does make a difference in their lives on a daily basis. Take a look at how YOUR gift could enhance students' experiences this year:

  • A gift of $25 could pay for one D&E student to receive CPR certification, making that student a more prepared campus community member.
  • A gift of $50 could allow the RAs to create a dorm event to bring resident students together as a community.
  • A gift of $100 could purchase equipment for the chemistry lab, enabling students to hone their research skills.
  • A gift of $250 could pay to repaint one classroom.
  • A gift of $500 could support travel for a group of five students to visit a regional job fair with the Office of Career Services & Student Employment.
  • A gift of $1,000 could fund a merit scholarship to help attract an outstanding student.