National Alumni Council

The alumni and friends of Davis & Elkins College are one of its proudest assets. They are leaders who set the example that today’s students can eagerly follow.

The National Alumni Council or the Council is the voice of the Davis & Elkins College Alumni Association. Everyone who has graduated from D&E or even just attended is a member of the Alumni Association.

The Council's mission is simple. "The purpose of this organization shall be to engage alumni of Davis & Elkins College (the College) for the purpose of developing an active program of alumni support for the mission of the College as established by the President and Board of Trustees."

Support is a very general term and can be interpreted several different ways. One way alumni support the College is by attending one of the many events hosted by the College, either on or off campus. Other ways are by volunteering to help organize one of these events, to write letters to classmates as a class representative or reunion coordinator, or by giving financially. There are many ways alumni can get involved.

The Council consists of members currently representing class years ranging from 1967 to 2017. They hail from 11 different states, and represent a variety of majors and affiliations. This diversity helps make for a well rounded council.

The Council meets twice a year on campus, during Homecoming Weekend in October and in the spring, usually in March or April. A typical meeting begins with the committee gathering. The council has three committees: Development, Regional Alumni Events and Student and Young Alumni. After the committees have met, the full council assembles for committee reports and discussions.

The Council has done many things to benefit the College, one of which was to begin an endowed scholarship that benefits students who are related to a D&E alumnus/a.

If you are interested in learning more about the National Alumni Council, please contact Director of Alumni Engagement and Support Wendy Morgan at 304-637-1341 or via email.