Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Imagine exploring marine biology in Thailand or studying filmmaking in London. At Davis & Elkins College, opportunities to travel and learn off campus are far-reaching! By choosing to study abroad or even just signing up for an international adventure, you can expand your intellect and embark on life-changing journeys.

D&E provides several ways to “study away.” Interested students should explore this information and contact the Office of Academic Affairs to begin the adventure.

As they say in Kenya and France, respectively, Safari njema! and Bon voyage! Good luck as you make the world your classroom!


Ways to Study Abroad

Outside Partners

Through its membership in the Appalachian College Association, D&E works with the international study abroad organization CAPA. This agency directs students to campuses in London and other international capitals worldwide. If a student discovers a different study abroad program on their own, the College will provide assistance.

Independent Arrangements

Students may work out an independent arrangement with an international institution of learning.

Classes/Experiences Sponsored by D&E

Over the past several years, D&E has offered class travel experiences in Ecuador, Peru, Kenya and Nicaragua. Some of these offerings are in cooperation with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) which also sponsors additional programs, such as Young Adult Volunteers. In addition, D&E routinely organizes Spring Break tours of European and South and Central American countries led by faculty and/or staff members.


Ten Step Checklist to Study Abroad

  1. If you are interested in full year or semester long study abroad programs, make an appointment through the Office of Academic Affairs to learn about programs and opportunities as soon as possible.
  2. Discuss your plans with your parents/guardians.
  3. Attend one of the open meetings regularly held a few times each semester for students interested in studying abroad.
  4. Attend a presentation by a visiting representative of one of the study abroad agencies we work with or sit in on any presentations by students returning from studying abroad.
  5. Speak with your academic adviser. Some majors are more structured and sequenced than others and may call for special care when preparing to study abroad.
  6. Visit the Office of the Registrar, which can help you make sure studying abroad does not cause you to lose ground toward graduation.
  7. Consult the Office of Financial Planning. By and large, the financial aid you receive to study at D&E will apply when you study abroad. Additionally, consider visiting the Office of Student Accounts for details about payment.
  8. Explore the possibility of a scholarship from an outside agency or consider approaching organizations such as a church or club you belong to for additional financial help.
  9. Once you have decided on your program, fill out your schedule on the forms provided by the D&E. Each class you choose will need to be assigned an equivalent in the College Catalog and approved by its teacher. Be prepared for adjustments to your schedule once you arrive at your international institution. We will ask you to find alternates for all your classes before you leave.
  10. Get your passport and find out if the country where you will be studying requires you to obtain a visa or register with an agency, such as the local police, when you arrive.