A D&E Education

A D&E education is at the heart of our mission to prepare and inspire students for success and for thoughtful engagement in the world.

ClassroomDavis & Elkins prides itself on preparing students to succeed on campus as well as after graduation. We appreciate that success takes many forms: financial security; professional prestige and recognition; rewarding relationships; using foundational academic skills to master new fields; a personal sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. 

We also anticipate that students will find their experience at D&E inspiring. Sources of inspiration abound: nurturing relationships with faculty and staff; leadership opportunities; community service; and teamwork experiences, to name just a few.

As always, Davis & Elkins also intends for our graduates to enter the world as thoughtful citizens and participants in society. This means that D&E is concerned not only with the academic growth of students, but also with their social, psychological, and spiritual growth as well. As such, the College works intentionally to create environments across campus where growth can be fostered.

As you explore the educational experience at Davis & Elkins College, the following resources may be helpful:

The Office of Academic Affairs

Oversees the academic side of the College. You’ll find information here about unique academic programs and experiences at Davis & Elkins; faculty profiles; academic calendars; and information regarding accreditation and assessment.

The Office of the Registrar

Coordinates course scheduling and student registration; verifies and maintains all grade reports, student academic records, and transcripts; maintains the College catalog; prepares and issues all official transcripts; and assists in institutional research and reporting activities.

The Naylor Learning Center and Career Services & Student Employment

Both play key roles in preparing D&E students for success. The Naylor Learning Center provides a variety of support services (e.g. tutoring, study groups and skill workshops) to support academic success on campus. The Office of Career Services & Student Employment works to help students build the skills to succeed in the job market after graduation.