Find a Candidate

D&E has many options to assist you in finding a great candidate for your employment needs. The Office of Career Services & Student Employment is your one stop shop for on-campus recruiting, in-class job discussions, pre-screening candidates, obtaining work study students and campus-wide job announcements. If you have a position you would like posted to our students, please call Career Services & Student Employment at 304-637-1313 to discuss your options.

On-campus Recruiting

The Office of Career Services & Student Employment of Davis & Elkins College would be happy to make arrangements for your recruiting needs on our campus. Our On-Campus Recruiting program gives employers two options:

  • Closed interviews where the employer pre-selects D&E students for interviews. Student resumes are collected and forwarded to the employer for screening. 
  • Open interviews where interested and qualified students can sign up on your interview schedule on a first-come-first-served basis. Resumes are collected at the time of sign up and forwarded to the employer before interviews.

Federal Work Study

Did you know that the Federal Work Study program can apply to employment off-campus? Federal Work Study is an award given to eligible students which allows them to work either on-campus or off-campus to help pay for college expenses. If you would like to find out if your organization can utilize a Work Study student, please call the Office of Career Services & Student Employment at 304-637-1313 to learn more.


The internship is a critical part of preparing our students for success in the real world. D&E strongly encourages all students to gain real world experience during the academic year or summer break. If your organization is able to provide our students with a meaningful experience which will enhance the learning our students obtain in the classroom, please call Career Services & Student Employment to discuss your needs.

Employer-Sponsored Events

Information Tables

Some organizations set up an information table in a high traffic area to display their literature and meet with students. Contact Career Services & Student Employment for information regarding arrangements. 

Classroom Visits

Some organizations prefer to speak with students during scheduled class periods. This option must be done with the permission of the instructor/professor and may require at least a two-week notice. While Career Services & Student Employment would be happy to make your arrangements for a classroom visit, it is best to contact the academic division and/or instructor directly.

Career Development Workshops

Some employers like to connect with students by offering workshops on career development related topics such as interviewing skills, resume writing, or job searching techniques (and many others). If you are interested in offering such a program on our campus, please contact Career Career Services & Student Employment to schedule a time to visit us.