• Financial Planning

    Financial Aid can sometimes be more complicated than it needs to be. For that reason, we are pleased to offer you a valuable financial aid staff that is willing to answer all your questions.

    What is Financial Aid?

    Financial aid is simply money that is used to help cover your educational expenses at D&E. It comes in two forms: gift and self-help aid. Gift aid is money that does not require repayment. Examples of gift aid include Federal Pell Grants and D&E Merit Scholarships. Self-help aid is aid that is either earned through work or borrowed through student loans that must be repaid. Self-help aid can help you to gain valuable work and financial experience while also helping to cover your educational expenses. Federal Work-Study and Federal Stafford Loans are both examples of self-help aid.

    NEW Student Expenses for the 2014-2015 Academic Year:

    Room & Board$8,750
    Student Association Fees$320
    Health Services Fee$172*
    Winter Term Housing$870
    First-Year Symposium Fee$250*
    Total Cost$37,362

    *Figure provided as an estimate. Exact charge TBA.